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about me

For me, the most difficult part of building a site, is the “about me” section. I’ve been thinking about this for weeks and never had the courage to write it down.

I mean, who likes writing about himself without falling into that easy cliché of saying what all photographers say about themselves. Anyway. My name is Felipe and gonzo is my nickname. They gave me that short name when I was a boyscout in Switzerland…wait, have I already told you that I was born in Switzerland? Well, I was born and raised in a small swiss town in the shore of the “lac de Neuchâtel” called Estavayer- le- Lac. I went to school there and had a pretty nice and sweet childhood. When I was 17 I left to the USA as a foreign exchange student in the state of Washington, there I probably had one of the best year of my life…I started loving photography during that year, I used to buy “disposable cameras” and kept it always ready in my pocket to use it anytime. I remember sending to the lab 10 or 15 of those cameras in the same week. Then I realized that I will remember the people I was meeting there thanks to those pictures. After that incredible year, I came to Spain and started working here and there without finding my place at a regular 9 to 5 job. At some point digital photography, took over the analogue era and that was when I literally stopped taking pictures for nearly a decade. First of I couldn’t afford a new camera and computer, then my interests moved toward something else, until one day I thought I should give digital photography a go and bought my first digital camera and a laptop. The rest is all history. I’m a self thaught photographer and my goal as photographer is to keep on learning, improving and taking pictures till the day I die.

I’ve done works for a big spanish bank, for Laliga (soccer) and covered spanish pro basketball games for a spanish agency.

I’m open for travels and I’m more than happy to talk to anyone in any of the three languages I’m able to speak, french, spanish and english.

Let’s keep in touch?

+34 637 90 63 77

Selshots taken at home.

Selshots taken at home.